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[FT] Brokenhearted!Reader x Sting Eucliffe Ch1
Edit: Not the beta'd version :) Thanks to the dear Ezzyboo for that :)
Also though it turns into Sting Eucliffe x Reader, there is a bit angst!Gray Fullbuster x Reader at start, to make the Reader heartbroken. Just to warn ya!
Oh and Warning: There are little spoilers for the latest Anime Arc and Episodes :)
The fight against the seven dragons and their hatchlings was one of the toughest challenges that had to be completed by a guild.
But by joining forces, they succeeded to preserve Fiore before its complete annihilation. It was not only an ultimate battle for survival, because new friendships were made.
Once considered as enemies in the Grand Magic Games, the members of Sabertooth stood side by side with the Fairy Tail members, to eliminate the threat.
To express his deepest gratitude and to celebrate the completion of the Grand Magic Games, the king of Fiore, Toma É Fiore, decided to organize a grand ball. This way he was able to gather all heroes from the battle, to tha
:iconsekata:Sekata 309 23
Sting x Reader Forgive Me
Guild Master!Sting x Reader
[A/N: Sorry if Sting’s OOC, I don’t know him really well, gomen… ;-; This has nothing to do with the current storyline, just a story…by the way, Sting’s the guild master of Sabertooth in this one]
Warning: Cursing

You were playing with a coin, flicking it, causing it to fly in the air and spin. You caught it with two fingers, and repeated the entire process again.
’I’m so bored…’ You thought, and sat up, swinging your legs.
You were currently in your bedroom, on your bed, just waiting for someone.
Sting Eucliffe.
Your boyfriend.
You two were living together in the same place.
And he was late…again.
You sighed. ’I know Sting’s the Guild Master of Sabertooth…but would it kill him to be at least on time for once?’
Letting out a long sigh, you got up and exited your room, heading towards the kitchen, staring at the decoratio
:iconbookwormangel33:bookwormangel33 396 29
Sting Eucliffe x Reader |I'm Pregnant|
It's been 2 years since Sting Eucliffe from the Saber Tooth guild had asked you to be his girlfriend. And according to your guild mates, the two of you made an adorable couple.
You loved Sting with all your heart and he meant everything to you. Sting felt the same way towards you, and you knew it. He was always telling you that he loved you and constantly wanting to hold your hand and kiss you. He didn't care who saw, either. He loved you and he wanted everyone to know it.
You and the dragon slayer have been living together for a few months and everything was going well...
Until recently that is.
You were worried about being pregnant with Sting's child after the two of you had sex about a month ago. Even before taking an official test, you were absolutley sure that you were pregnant considering that the sex was unprotected. At the time, you weren't worried about getting pregnant because you two were so lost in the moment.
But it was official.
You were, in fact, carrying Sting's baby.
:iconicedchailatte:IcedChaiLatte 73 3
Fairy Tail Wallpaper 6 :iconyamiametrite:YamiAmetrite 40 1
Hanabusa Aido x Reader
"Da**, where did Yuuki go?" You cursed under your breath while walking around searching for her. Yuuki, Zero and you were the guardians, and you should now have been on night patroling with Yuuki, looking after that none crazy fangirls would try to go inside the Night-Dorm.. You shuddered at the thoughts on the fangirls, you sweared they were beyond crazy... Well you and Yuuki had been patroling, untill she'd left cause of a strange noice she had heard.
Looking at your watch, you noticed that she'd been gone for over 15 minutes. Concerned wasn't the word that described what you felt right now. 'Where did she go? What if some level E vampire.-' You stopped your thoughts and shook your head. 'No, Kaname-Sempai would have noticed!' You had now changed course and walked trying to find Zero. 'Maybe he have seen her or is with her right now..'
Suddenly you felt arms wrap around your mouth and your arms, preventing you from screaming and struggling. You felt another pair of hands tie a blindf
:iconrin0kiyomasa:rin0kiyomasa 71 53
(VK) Zero x reader - The long wait
Cross academy was an eventful place to be, _______ being a part of the night class, had to put up with the constant harassment from the day class students. Every time she and the rest of the night class students walked out those golden brimmed gates, the fan girls and fan boys were onto them.  It’s always ‘_______, your hair is so divine today!’ ‘_______, what shade of lipstick are you wearing’ and even ‘________, please accept these chocolates as a gift!’
But the only thing that was keeping ________ from going mad with all the humans around was none other than the handsome Zero Kiryu… It doesn’t matter how much the students fight to get near us, he’s always there stopping them (Along with the help of Yuki) Whenever ______ would step out those gates, he’s always there, his silver hair shining in the setting sun and his purple eyes catching her (e/c) ones, a light blush creeps upon his cheeks.
However, ________ had
:iconitabbycat101:ItabbyCat101 213 13
Lucian x Reader: Pup
:bulletpurple: Lucian x Reader: Pup :bulletpurple:

(F/n) let a deep noise escape the back of her throat, as her wide jaws bared into a startling show of teeth and saliva. Every nerve in her body was tensed as she momentarily lowered herself into a battle crouch. The female could feel the thrum of anticipation beneath her feet, and the slight shake of her heart as she prepared herself to attack.
For a breath she stood staring down her prey, before she lunged forward. The female Lycan (still in human form) flew through the air in a flash, and easily attached herself to her target’s neck and wrapped her forearms around the still figure. For a moment it seemed that she had gotten the better of her quarry, but then a deep chuckle echoed through its throat, making (F/n)’s jaw vibrate pleasantly making her smile.
“What are you doing, pup?” The voice was rich and flowing, and held visible humor.
The female’s jaws slowly unclenched, showing unbroken
:icontarnisis:Tarnisis 124 30
Mature content
Pastel sadness :iconnathanielrhodes:NathanielRhodes 45 3
Lucy :iconnopeys:NOPEYS 381 8
Laxus x Reader [RQ]
Laxus x Reader [RQ] - Fairy Tail Oneshot
It was an ordinary day within the Fairy Tail guild, the members were rambunctious and on guard like usual. The odd fight would occasionally break out due to a small argument and the rate they escalate would be described as nothing else but record-breaking. There was, however, a strange sensation in the air, one of an unnerving nature. In the back of everyone’s minds was a niggling piece of information that had everybody on edge. Well, everybody except one.
“When is he going to get back?! I want to fight Laxus!” Screamed Natsu at the top of his lungs, arms out to his sides, legs squatted and a small fire escaping his mouth. He then proceeded to punch a bench into pieces as it came flying towards his head.
The fight had started to die down but Natsu’s excitement appeared to be uncontainable. His hot-blooded nature seemed to put all of the members nerves at ease while they were waiting for a certain Fairy Tail team to come b
:iconlayarlia:Layarlia 121 4
Lightning Can Protect (Laxus x Reader)
You were only 14 years old that day. Your parents died when you were just a little girl. It was up to you to protect and raise your little sister, Serah. She wanted to celebrate your birthday with a birthday party and tell you she was dating your friend Snow. It made you sick to see them together. The worst birthday ever. Serah ran off in tears.  Snow blamed you and vowed to protect her instead.Filled with anger, you didn't even bother to go after them.
It was getting late. After you cool down, you were going to search for your little sister. It didn't take long until Snow barged in your home, telling you she was missing. Enraged, you got in a heated argument with him. It only lasted a while since you needed to find Serah. You took off to find he while Snow went the opposite direction to find her.
Searching all over the place, you stumbled upon a few wizards from a Dark Guild. You weren't afraid of them - you were a wizard as well. You were a Lightning Devil Slayer wizard and a me
:iconskylergray:skylergray 110 4
Haunted Memories [LaxusxReader] Chapter One.
You’ve been at the Fairy Tail guild for 17 years now. Although you miss your family you have no regrets leaving, besides if you hadn’t have left you doubted you would have ever stumbled across the guild in the first place.
“[Y/N].” A gruff voice brings you out of your thoughts and your obscure [e/c] eyes flicker up to meet a pair of orange ones as you lean over the balcony of the second storey, watching everyone in their antics while deep in thought.
“Hmm?” You tilt your head to the side and stare up at the owner of the voice, Laxus. He was a tall, muscular man and also a force to be reckoned with, one of the strongest males in the guild. You’d be lying if you said that Laxus hadn't changed much since when you both were younger, because he had. You used to be inseparable when you were children; always laughing and playing together. Then you both grew up and went through a bit of a rough patch however it was short in comparison with how long you
:iconjordypye:Jordypye 186 21
Protect You: Laxus X Reader
Protect You
Chapter One:
“Thanks for helping me with this Lucy” Mira Jane said as she put three books back into the shelf,
“It’s fine with me, I needed a break anyway” Lucy sighed
“What’s wrong?”
“Natsu and Gray have gotten worse with their fights, the latest one has gotten ten times worse”
“That’s nothing to worry about” Mira smiled “they’ve been like that since they were kids. Erza, Master and (Name) were the only ones who could get them to stop fighting”
“Mira, who’s (Name)?” Lucy asked not having met anyone in the guild with that name, this question caused Mira to sigh quietly having realised her mistake.
“A former member of this guild”
“She disappeared two years ago on a mission” Mira said, before heading towards a large cabinet and pulled out a wooden box.
“Mira?” Lucy
:iconkayleethedreamer:KayLeeTheDreamer 197 13
Laxus X Reader Date
You dabbed a bit of lip gloss over your lips. Stepping back from the table mirror, you gave yourself a once over. You had a turquoise shirt on, with blue skinny jeans. Your (h/l) (h/c) hair you had left down, adding a little dark blue flower clip near your left ear. Smiling at your refection, you added some green and gold bangles to your right forearm, and matching dangly earrings. You walked downstairs and found the brown heeled boots you had decided to wear for the date. Slipping them on, you grabbed your handbag, which had your wallet, phone, keys and camera. You sat down on the bottom step of the stair case and waited for your date to arrive.
Five minutes later your door bell rang. Opening it, you saw your boyfriend of four years. You smiled at him, taking in his scruffy jeans and white shirt. His blonde hair was messy, but you could tell he had ran a brush through it.
"Laxus!" You greeted, hugging him. He smiled, and returned the hug. You stayed in his embrace for several moments,
:iconshadowzaraki:ShadowZaraki 165 104
Laxus X Fem!Reader - Thunderstorm (Fluff)
(Name) clamped her hands over her ears, squeezing her eyes shut. She whimpered waiting for the booming thunder to stop. Lightning flashed, illuminating her pale, fear filled face, then plunged the room back into darkness again. The thunderstorm had taken the power away, earlier on and had left the Guild Hall in total darkness.
Master Makarov and the others had placed candles around the hall, Natsu lighting them up with his Fire Dragon Slayer Magic, although he managed to burn a quarter of the candles accidentally. Most of the guild members were in the Hall, waiting for the storm to stop, so they could go to their own homes. (Name) could hear them playing games, like Snap and Musical Chairs.
(Name), however, was upstairs, wedged in the corner of a room, as far away from the window as she could possibly get, waiting for the storm to pass. It seemed to be raging for years though it was closer to ten minutes. She clenched her jaws together as another boom of thunder assaulted her eardrums.
:iconshadowzaraki:ShadowZaraki 364 46
Mature content
Laxus Dreyar x Reader One-Shot :icondeersdonteatbabies:Deersdonteatbabies 72 4



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